We have developed Enhanced Landfill Mining Toolkits that give stakeholders interested in starting an ELFM project an overview of the information needed to put this into practice. Toolkits are available to download for both municipal solid waste (MSW) and extractive waste (EW) streams in five different languages via the links below.

ELFM Toolkit for MSW streams ELFM Toolkit for EW streams
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Italian Italian
Spanish Spanish
Finnish Finnish
Hungarian Hungarian

The toolkits contained interactive content and covered the following topics:

  1. 1 - ELFM Concept

    Definitions, concept overview

  2. 2 - Opportunities and Challenges

    Policy drivers, market drivers, social drivers, potential barriers, future outlook

  3. 3 - Process and Technologies

    Process of ELFM overview, overview of some technologies involved resultant waste fractions and potential valorisation routes, next steps

  4. 4 - Site Investigation

    Sampling strategy, protocol and techniques, sample sorting, resultant waste fractions

  5. 5 - Analytical Methods

    Analytical methods to the characteristics of a waste fraction, particularly combustibles and fines

  6. 6 - Cost-Benefit Analysis

    Full details on how to perform a CBA including assessing costs and revenues, calculating financial indicators, calculating environmental indicators, interpreting results, sustainability, sensitivity and risk assessment

  7. 7 - Decision Support Tool

    Details of the SMART GROUND tool available

  8. 8 - Case Studies

    Three case studies from across Europe investigating the economic, socioeconomic and environmental consequences of ELFM projects with overall conclusions drawn

  9. 9 - Appendix 1

    Further details on sampling and sample sorting

  10. 10 - Appendix 2

    Further details on sample characterisation

In addition to the ELFM Toolkits, an introductory video has been developed which introduces the basic idea of ELFM. The video aims to increase engagement with stakeholders and disseminate the Toolkit