Decision Support Tools for enhanced landfill mining (ELFM) have been developed using Microsoft Excel and gives prospective ELFM projects support by providing an economic evaluation, an environmental assessment and a social valuation for a proposed ELFM project.

DST for municipal solid waste

The ELFM DST has been developed providing users with 5x MSW composition scenarios. Users can also input their own waste composition data and own input parameters. The tool runs a cost benefit analysis (CBA) for 9 different ELFM scenarios differing in the level of technology and processing effort. The user can decide which criteria are used to determine the best scenario.

Introductory Video

An introductory video has been created which introduces the basic features, functions and uses of the ELFM DST.

User Video

A user video has also been developed, which runs through the basic functions of the ELFM DST.

DST for extractive waste

The ELFM DST for extractive industry streams is currently under development and will be available early January – University of Torino is currently working on it