Università di Torino

Università di Torino Company description: The University of Torino (UNITO) is one of the most ancient and prestigious Italian universities. Nowadays, UNITO has about 70.000 students, 4.000 academic, administrative and technical staff, 1800 post-graduate and postdoctoral students and 120 buildings in different parts of the city.
It carries out scientific research and organizes courses in all disciplines, except Engineering and Architecture. It covers virtually every field of knowledge; the Medical Diagnostic, Biosensoristics and Nanotechnologies research centers are amongst the best research centers in Italy.
UNITO is active at international level through involvement of its researchers in several international projects, establishment of joint educational courses, such as bi-national degrees and international PhD programmes, through the subscription of formal cooperation agreements (roughly 450) with institutions around the world. It has a long record in participating in European projects.
Currently, UNITO is taking part in 128 research projects funded under the FP7 and H2020, being coordinator in 35 of these. UNITO researchers also participate in other EU projects funded under different EU programs, e.g. LIFE PLUS projects.
The staff involved in the project shows a transversal and interdisciplinary attitude:

  • - Earth Science Department has experience on mining waste management and recovery, mineralogical, petrographic, mineralogic, geochemical and physical characterization.
    - DISAFA - Agricultural Chemistry Dept. has a long experience in soil science-soil chemistry research.
    - The Computer Science Department at the University of Torino leads and coordinates a variety of research activities in the area of Information technology such as data management, web services, performance, multimedia analysis, artificial intelligence. It has been involved in different projects in collaboration with public institutions and research industrial research centers.

Role in the project: Scientific Coordinator of SMART GROUND project, UNITO is mainly involved in WP1, WP2 and WP3, and, therefore, it contributes in the data collection, environmental impact assessment, and in the development of the SGD platform specification and repositories management. UNITO will also contribute to knowledge transfer, dissemination and exploitation activities.