Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd.

Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. Company description: Bay Zoltán Nonprofit Ltd. is a Hungary's leading network of applied research institutes. Its objective is to improve the competitiveness and efficiency of enterprises in Hungary through successful innovation and technology transfer, in close co-operation with domestic and leading foreign partner institutions. It intends to fulfill this mission by implementing various national and international research and development projects.
Main R&D activity areas:

  • - Material science, nano- and laser technology
    - Biotechnology
    - Information and communication technology
    - Environmental industry
    - Logistics and industrial production technology
    - Mechanical, physical, chemical-analytical measurement technology
    - Genomics
    - Control technology
In order to realize these objectives, the state-owned research institute offers complex scientific and technical solutions  to achieve a more efficient and fruitful operation for its domestic and foreign client base. It plays the role of "bridge of innovation" for its partners through the activities of applied research-development and technology transfer.

Role in the project: BZN is the WP leader of WP2 that focuses on environmental, social and socio-economic assessment, involving the knowledge share for other workpackages (especially for WP1, WP3). Besides, BZN will contribute to dissemination activities as well as stakeholder analysis and business plan for the project. BZN together with the other Hungarian partners wants to achieve trailblazer competence in Hungary on the SMART GROUND related topics.