Metsäsairila Oy

Metsäsairila Oy Company description: Metsäsairila Oy is a municipally-owned waste management company that provides waste management services to households, municipalities and businesses in and around town of Mikkeli in the Southern Savonia region of Finland.
Services provided by Metsäsairila include waste collection, sorting, treatment and resource recovery as well as environmental education.
Metsäsairila operates a waste treatment and sorting center that receives over 90,000 metric tons of various types waste per annum. The center includes a mechanical waste sorting facility, a composting facility, landfill areas and a landfill-gas-powered microturbine CHP plant. Metsäsairila is a part-owner  in Riikinvoima waste-to energy plant that is currently under construction in the municipality of Leppävirta. The Riikinvoima plant has a treatment capacity of 145,000 metric tons of waste per annum and it is scheduled to come online in December 2016.

Role in the project: Metsäsairila will participate mainly in WP1, by providing landfill and waste information useful to the project activities and in particular SRM profitability information and collaborating in pilot and analysis. The company will also contribute to populate SMART GROUND database