Geologian Tutkimuskeskus

Geologian Tutkimuskeskus Company description: Geologian Tutkimuskeskus (GTK) is a national geological research centre operating under the Ministry of Employment and Economy. GTK is one of the most competent European service centers in applied earth sciences. GTK has highly qualified professionals in various aspects of geology, environmental sciences, geophysics, geochemistry and IT technology, many of them with strong international background. GTK provides consultancy services and basic geological information essential for assessment of raw materials, nature conservation, environmental studies, land use planning and for new applications. The Research Center is member of the EIP on raw materials. GTK´s urban geology research programme is geared to generating geodata relevant to urban land use planners for infrastructure construction and understanding of potential environmental impacts. Within GTK´s groundwater research programme extensive research on the 3D modeling of groundwater flow and transfer of contaminants has been made

Role in the project: GTK will be involved in WP1, collecting and producing complementary data of the landfill potentials, screening methods and the most potential deposits in the pilot in Finland. GTK will also provide input data for the economic analysis of the profitability of the landfill mining. Furthermore, GTK will give its support in training courses preparation and dissemination activities, implementing EIP on raw materials