BIOAZUL Company description: BIOAZUL is an engineering and technological consultancy focused on the environment with two main business lines:
BIOAZUL offers customized solutions for treatment of industrial and urban water based on technologies result of research, development and innovation work carried out by the company, offering customers a wide range of engineering services including: Technical-economic feasibility prior to the selection of the most appropriate solution, design of turnkey solutions, Piloting demonstration of solutions, construction, installation, commissioning and maintenance, customer training and post-sales technical service.
Our goal is to integrate environmental and economic sustainability, energy efficiency and put our knowledge at your service to provide the most competitive solutions. One of the aspects that distinguish us from our competitors is our proven ability to design and adapt technologies to the specific requirements of each client.
The product line of BIOAZUL includes organic waste treatment, soil remediation, humidificators, for the food industry, complete SBR and MBR systems for wastewater treatment, and water reuse especially in remote locations or for specific wastewater compositions, as well as the provision of consultant services in different fields.
BIOAZUL offers a comprehensive consulting service, acting as a catalyst and promoter of R&D and innovation project of strategic interest and high market potential for our customers. We target companies, universities, technology centers and public authorities from different sectors - agriculture, food, management of water and waste, energy efficiency and green economy, among others - entities for which innovation is the key for competitiveness and growth. Our extensive experience is based on our active participation in over thirty R&D from FP6, wholly or partly coordinating twenty of them, in collaboration with prestigious organizations worldwide.
Our staff consists of highly qualified professionals with proven experience in the water sector, allowing us to always find the optimum solution for specific problems, and evaluators and external experts from the EC as well as project managers specialized in competitiveness programs companies and SMEs, environment and climate change, resource efficiency and raw materials, sustainable agriculture, bio-economy, food, clean and efficient energy and industrial technology.
BIOAZUL has an extensive experience in the preparation, management and participation in R&D projects in the fields of solid wastes and wastewater management, renewable energy and energy efficiency (especially concerning biomass), and sustainable irrigation. BIOAZUL is currently working in the development and optimisation of biotechnological products and systems devoted to water and waste treatment and reuse. BIOAZUL has provided pilot plants and prototypes for several EU research and demonstration projects such as PURATREAT, ALGATEC, ALGATECII, TREAT&USE and WACOSYS.

Role in the project:

  • - Leader of task 5.4: Development of SMART GROUND business plan
    - Leader task 4.1:  Stakeholder analysis
    - Other activities:
    • - Potential sites characterisation and modellig
      - Materials flow, socio-economic and environmental impacts
      - Implementation, training and networking
      - Dissemination and exploitation