Regione Piemonte

Regione Piemonte Company description: Regione Piemonte is an Italian public administration. Its Environment Department manages the programming tasks and projects for the protection and exploitation of the air and water, protection of the protected areas, strategic environmental evaluation and impact assessment, energetic saving, reclamation polluted areas. The Environment Department is in charge of waste management, planning and defining the regulation of the waste cycle with the finality to reduce the quantity and the dangerousness of it, to promote the re-use and preparing for the re-use, to increase the quality of selective collection, the waste recycling and recovery, including energy recovery, to promote the use of the goods produced from recycled material, as well as to limit the use of the waste dumps.
The "Waste Observatory” for the systematic verification on the waste management (waste production and quality and quantitative analysis of it, method of collection, mode of management, procedures for the award of the service) is one of the branch of the Environment Department.
To the waste government and management, complies the following responsibilities: oversees planning, regulation and monitoring of integrated municipal waste cycle, reconciling economic development with the highest environmental protection level, on the basis of European and national guidelines; promotes increase of waste reuse, recycling and recovery, including energy recovery, promoting the use of the goods produced from recycled materials, as well as limit the use of landfills, draws up criteria for maintaining and updating information related to waste management plants integrated into “Waste Information System”, establish and approves, following consultation with local authorities and according to European and national legislation, Regional Waste Management Plan, applies, at regional level, municipal waste traceability systems, enables provision of information of national and community interest, representing the local connection point of National Environmental Information System Network (SINAnet) dissemination to citizens, local authorities and stakeholders.
To the Mining Industry Department competes the planning of mining and quarry through instruments (regulatory proposals and technical analysis and studies for the preparation of plans, programs and guidelines), acts to regulate the exercise, protecting and exploiting the mineral resources within the programs sustainable development of the territory in the implementation of environmental protection and landscape. Besides, the activities of the Department are: management and update of the database mining, exploration licenses, application of the tariffs of the right of excavation, collection , analysis and processing of statistical data for quarries and mines operating in Piedmont.

Role in the project: RP support will be finalized to the identification of the data required for the project; to assess the information currently available in the regional archives (computer and paper), to analyse and compare all the information in order to make them consistent and available.
In particular, Regione Piemonte will provide the following information:

  • - geographic coordinates of the landfills;
    - annual qualitative and  quantitative information about waste disposed;
    - annual information on the quantities of extracted leachate  and tapped biogas;
    - annual information about minerals mined, years of activity, minerals or metals contained in waste material, dump type, dump position (active or abandoned).