IMAGEO S.r.l. Company description: IMAGEO is a spin-off of the Turin University; main activities are recognition, prevention and management of the hydrogeological risk. The company is specialized in the study, geological, geomorphological, geomechanical, hydrogeological characterization and in the monitoring of unstable slopes, landslides, glaciers throughout the use of innovative high-precision technologies (Laser Scanner, differential GPS), a field in which IMAGEO staff has developed a pioneering role in Italy and abroad.
IMAGEO S.r.l. was born in 2007 at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Turin. Currently its staff includes employees and consultants: 4 geologists, 1 forest engineer, 1 environmental engineer, 1 mountain guide.
IMAGEO has an OPTECH ILRIS3D ER Laser Scanner with a capacity of 1200 m; Topcon Hiper and Legacy II GPS receivers, FL-GGUN field fluorometer, Heucke Ice Drill and recently a UAV Aermatica ANTEOS.
IMAGEO provides its services to Public Administrations, energy companies, research institutions and companies. The company can also rely on a strong network of partnerships in Italy, France and Canada in the mathematical modeling field, in the creation of monitoring tools, and in performing measurements based on satellite and ground interferometry.
Main services:

  • - Landslide characterization: Geological, geomorphological, hydrogeological studies at regional and local scale; Geomechanical characterization of unaccessible rock cliffs by means of Terrestrial Laser Scanner and UAV; Landslide hazard evaluation and assessment
    - Landslide monitoring: Design and management of real time landslide monitoring and alert systems; Measurement of surface displacements with GPS, Terrestrial Laser Scanner, Satellite and Ground based SAR monitoring; Data analysis and interpretation
    - Landslide risk scenarios: 2D and 3D run-out modeling; Trajectographic analysis for rockfalls; Landslide risk scenarios evaluation; Instrumental threshold value definition
    3D surveys: 3D modelling of slopes, infrastructures, natural and man-made cavities; Mesh, DTM, contour maps, orthoimages
    - Hydrogeological emergency management: Technical and scientific support during national level emergency management (Valtellina 1987, Tanaro 1994, Valle d’Aosta flood 2000, “Effimero” supraglacial lake Macugnaga Monte Rosa East face 2002-2003, Mont de la Saxe Landslide – Courmayeur AO 2008-2014)
    - Glaciological studies: Mass balance evaluation; GPS assisted GPR surveys; Surface motion measurements; Dye tracer tests; AWS installation and management; Glacial risk assessment and management

Role in the project: IMAGEO will be involved in WP1 by providing topographic and morphologic characterization of test-sites by Lidar (Terrestrial Laser Scanner) and aerial photogrammetric survey; detailed reconstruction of the topographic surface; volume evaluation of raw materials in each site.