ENCO ENGINEERING & CONSULTING SRL Company description: Active since 1987, ENCO Engineering & Consulting srl is a Naples-based consulting firm. Originally specialized in business consulting and industrial engineering, it has expanded its range of activities, throughout the years, becoming an experienced advisor to both private business and public authorities involved in local development and territorial marketing, support to start-up companies, cost-benefit analysis - including technical assistance to businesses - management of national and European projects. 
The company's growth was accompanied by the establishment of two new offices in Rio de Janeiro and Brussels. 
ENCO is a member of several business associations and international networks such as Confindustria Napoli, the OICE (Italian association of consulting engineering), the Italian-Israeli Chambers of Commerce and the Italian-Brazilian Chambers of Commerce. In line with ENCO's mission to enhance business performance and promote synergies and shared initiatives for territorial development and innovation on the national and international level, the firm carries out merger and acquisition activities and assists SMEs in participating in EU R&D projects and accessing EU funds. 
The company is specialized, among other, in two different fields: (1) communication and dissemination strategies: developing action plans for dissemination and communication activities; identifying targets, tools and actions to be implemented; organizing information and dissemination events, workshops and meetings; producing publications, newsletters, brochures, leaflets, promotional and marketing materials; setting up and managing project website; and (2) market analysis and development of business plans: studied for innovative products, technical solutions and systems focused on market trends, market profitability and distribution channels. 
ENCO implements EU-funded projects under the financing schemes offered by the European Commission (H2020, FP7, EuroTransBio, CIP, Eco-Innovation, etc.). Thanks to the experience gained throughout the years, ENCO provides its clients with the necessary support in all phases of project management. 
Currently, ENCO is partner, among other, in the following EU projects: FOODIE (CIP ICT); OPTISOLV (EuroTrans BIO); SUPPLE (Eco Innovation). 

Role in the project:  ENCO, with a long experience in the management of international and national projects, is the Project Coordinator of SMART GROUND, providing also its knowledge and expertise in knowledge transfer, dissemination and exploitation activities.