SMART GROUND final conference was held in Mechelen (BE), Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM), on 07 February 2018.
The event was co-organized by COCOON and RAWFILL - two Interreg projects - both focused on raw materials.
The event chaired by Dr. Stuart Wagland from Cranfield University, provided an overview on initiatives and progress made by the 3 EU funded projects. It was also the occasion to showcase SMART GROUND platform and the results reached so far.
After a brief overview on the SMART GROUND project done by Dr. Marco de la Feld (ENCO), Dr. Giovanna Dino (UNITO) introduced SMART GROUND approach and pilot studies. SMART GROUND platform and Decision Support Tools were presented respectively by Mr. Jorge Lopez (ATOS) and Dr. Frederic Coulon (Cranfield University). In addition Dr. Claudia Neculau (SPAQUE) and Mr. Renaud Derijdt (ATRASOL) in representation of RAWFILL project; Mrs. Annick Vastiau (i-Cleantech Vlaanderen) and Dr. Eddy Wille (OVAM) in representation of COCOON project gained the floor presenting activities and progress made by their consortia, highlighting best practices and methodologies.       
Around 100 attendees took advantage of knowledge sharing and professional networking; gaining understanding of landfill mining project.


09:30 Chair’s Opening address – Dr. Stuart Wagland (Cranfield University)     
09:40 SMART GROUND project background - Marco de la Feld (ENCO) – SMART GROUND project coordinator    
09:55 SMART GROUND approach and pilot studies – Dr. Giovanna Dino (University of Turin)    
10:15 SMART GROUND databank overview – Jorge Lopez (ATOS)    
10:35 SMART GROUND Decision Support Tools – Prof. Frederic Coulon (Cranfield)    
10:55 Question and Answer Session
11:15 Coffee break in the networking area
11:40 RAWFILL project overview and progress – Dr. Claudia Neculau (Spaque)/ Renaud Derijdt (ATRASOL)    
12:00 COCOON project overview and progress – Annick Vastiau (i-Cleantech Vlaanderen) Eddy Wille (OVAM)    
12:20 Discussion – Next steps
13:00 Lunch
14:30 Workshop ends


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